Small to Mid-market MSP Solutions

Find the right contingent talent, faster, with our turn-key MSP solution for small to mid-market companies.

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Quality Fulfillment, Rapid Delivery

SIGMA MSP is a turn-key MSP solution that can be implemented in eight weeks. This vendor-positive contingent workforce management offering is designed to support companies that traditionally rely on managed vendor, preferred supplier relationships or vendor-on-premise for candidate fulfillment. The program is tailored for a target audience that industry analysts have defined as "small to mid-market" or companies that spend between $5-$50 million annually on contract labor services. By definition, SIGMA is the sum of our collective expertise in best practices and lessons learned from more than 30 years in the talent solutions industry across the Allegis Group family of companies. Also defined as a deviation, SIGMA represents a product that deviates from our traditional offering by combining the benefits of an MSP program with the expertise of a preferred supplier or vendor-on-premise partner.

Right Price. Right Team. Right Time.

Quality Requisition Fulfillment

Industry expertise and dedicated supply chain management resources enable faster time-to-fill and improved candidate  quality.

Established Technology Partnerships

A pre-configured technology platform streamlines the acquisition, onboarding, payment and offboarding process of contingent resources. 

Business Intelligence

Data and reporting through ACUMEN, AGS' analytics platform, provides visibility and identifies trends associated with your engaged non-employee worker community. 

Rapid Deployment

Condensed implementation timelines allow for increased speed to productivity. 

SIGMA: AGS' New Mid-Market MSP Contingent Workforce Solution

Businesses are increasingly utilizing contingent labor for their talent needs. More than 40% of the United States workforce now falls into the contingent category and companies of all sizes are embracing non-employee talent.