Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Strategies for Your Workforce

A diverse workforce brings together a collection of talents, minds, experiences and backgrounds to help your organization break new ground. Many employers see the value in growing their diversity and inclusion efforts, but they often underestimate the strong experience and relationships required to build a successful program.

We’ve helped organizations from a range of industries and locations assemble effective, diverse teams. By delving into your core business and understanding what you need to support and hire a diverse and inclusive culture, we’ll become the architects of your customized solution.

Armed with years of experience, we know how to find candidates with sought-after skills. With a strategy that integrates proven online and offline tactics, you will have unmatched reach into your targeted candidate markets.

We offer:

Diversity Recruiting Strategy

We start by learning about your business, leveraging current representation rates to uncover recruitment opportunities, and then will develop a comprehensive strategy that aligns with your goals and roadmap. As recruitment leaders, we will guide you at every step, measuring metrics to track your progress.

Campus Recruiting Solutions

Identify up-and-coming talent from diverse backgrounds ready to begin their career with your organization. We develop meaningful relationships with various clubs, Greek organizations and professors so you can engage new waves of graduates.

Individuals with Disabilities

Nearly one in four Americans lives with a disability, many of whom are qualified candidates with impressive work histories. By partnering with our sister company Getting Hired, we can source top talent, train your hire leaders, and build your brand among this extraordinary candidate pool.

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Veteran Recruitment

There are more than 19 million veterans today. With skills such as leadership, self-discipline and grace under pressure, they bring a formidable advantage to your workplace. We understand the nuances and tactics to bring veterans onto your team.

How to Convert a Diversity Recruitment Strategy into Measurable Results

The benefits of employing a diverse workforce are well publicized. For a start, innovation, collaboration and company culture are all widely recognized as being significantly boosted by diversity. There are plenty of tangible financial benefits too.